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My Favorite Military Christmas Memory December 6, 2012

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So I am trying to win some awesome books from the Wives of Faith blog,, and I have to write about my favorite military Christmas memory. So here I go!

Each year I have been married to my military man has brought about one or two special memories but my favorite year would have to be decorating the tree this year. When my husband and I were first married, I knew that life in the military would be difficult and challenging but I knew this was the man that the Lord had graciously given me and that He was more than capable of walking us through each trial and moment. Boy, have I found that to be true time and time again in the last four years. Anyway, the first year I decorated our store bought tree it had only store bought ornaments on it along with two or three personal ornaments that had been gifts from our wedding. Don’t get me wrong it was a beautiful tree but it represented that season in our marriage, brand new, no breaks, pretty looking and no real depth. The years have gone by and each year has brought about new stories and depth to our little store bought tree. The bottom row of lights no longer works on it and it is a little crooked from being moved so many times but now it looks broken in and real. It holds joyous moments in our life, like our daughter’s birth, our first bought home, our son’s birth and now the welcoming in of our new daughter who was brought home from Ethiopia a couple of months ago. It also holds some of the trials and sorrow in our life because we do not want to forget how God has carried and shaped us through those moments. Those are the ornaments that really bring about the depth in our Christmas tree. Moments like the loss of my husband’s sister or the short-lived life of our son who are now both in Heaven with Jesus and Pete’s deployments. Those are the moments that have shaped us and our marriage the most. They hold each location that the military has taken us and the journey that each has brought.

So as I looked at the tree this Christmas season I am incredibly grateful for how God has taken that first shallow tree and now made it overflowing with depth and gratitude. It reminds me of His constant loving kindness and graciousness in our lives. I am so grateful for the journey He has been taking us on and I look forward to seeing how our Christmas tree will hold memories from other journeys the He will take us on, the good and the bad.×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”220″ height=”300″ />”"